Outside Lands 2016: My First YouTube Video!


Hey all!

It’s been quite awhile (again), but I’m back with a YOUTUBE VIDEO!! It’s nothing fancy, but it’s a compilation of my Sunday spent at this year’s Outside Lands music festival in San Fran! It’s more of a vlog than an official “YouTube video,” so I’m not expecting it to go viral or anything… I’m working with what my momma (iMac) gave me!! aka just iMovie. So I present to you the simplest of simple, vlog-style video!

I had a blast at the festival, eating donut burgers and dancing my butt off with Major Lazor. You know, GETTIN’ TURNT. I got to witness the perfection that is Lana Del Rey, but had to go pee right as she began belting “Summertime Sadness.” I couldn’t hold it in, so I sprinted across the field to the porta-potties, but luckily as I made it to said porta-potties, Lionel Richie did me a solid as I heard a melodic “Hello? Is it me you’re looking for?” YAS. I didn’t miss the 2nd headliner of the night (and the one out of two songs I know by Lionel). I also got to play a game of Jenga with giant blocks, buy an overpriced (but worth it!) Outside Lands beanie, and do some good people watching with some good friends.

Would I go to the festival again? Maybe. Even if I had a great time this year, I just wished there were more artists playing that I liked, to justify the price of a ticket. But I would go back just to try more food!! (The ramen burgers and porcini doughnuts are still on my list!)

What festival should I check out next? My friends and I were thinking about BottleRock for sure!

Pretty Awkward #2


If you are just joining us, read this first.

I’m not sure if this is a popular style of post for me, but I enjoy sharing it! I’m always caught up in trying to pick the best photo of me for the ‘gram. So here’s a special place on the internet for those in the “heck no” inventory.

Happy Friday!

Pretty Awkward #2 | ThePrettyRelaxed.comPretty Awkward #2 | ThePrettyRelaxed.com

Pretty Awkward #2 | ThePrettyRelaxed.com

Now you know I used a remote to take all of my costume photos… I’m always struggling to hide that dang thing. Taking photos by myself is hard.

Pretty Awkward #2 | ThePrettyRelaxed.com

I don’t even know. I think I was trying to channel my inner round egg or pan shape??

Pretty Awkward #2 | ThePrettyRelaxed.comPretty Awkward #2 | ThePrettyRelaxed.com

Pretty Awkward #2 | ThePrettyRelaxed.com

I thought an action shot for this granola post would be cool… Look at dem nostrils!

I think blonde hair suits me more. Or maybe I’m just used to it now? What do you think? I won’t be offended if dark is your choice.

One day I’ll go back to that dark hair life… but right now, I’m thinking about the rainbow!!



OOTD / That 70s Flare


That 70s Flare | ThePrettyRelaxed.comThat 70s Flare | ThePrettyRelaxed.comThat 70s Flare | ThePrettyRelaxed.comThat 70s Flare | ThePrettyRelaxed.comThat 70s Flare | ThePrettyRelaxed.com

That 70s Flare | ThePrettyRelaxed.com

BF, where you at? 🙂

That 70s Flare | ThePrettyRelaxed.com

That 70s Flare | ThePrettyRelaxed.com

That’s right, I own these lunch table streets.

That 70s Flare | ThePrettyRelaxed.com

That 70s Flare | ThePrettyRelaxed.com

What’s behind door ‘C?’ Chips?? Because chips sound pretty good right now. Or carnitas. Never a bad time for a room filled with free carnitas.

That 70s Flare | ThePrettyRelaxed.comThat 70s Flare | ThePrettyRelaxed.com
So, did you watch That 70’s Show? I didn’t.. lol. I guess, moving on then.

I’ve (along with almost every Coachella-style obsessed girl) always wanted a pair of flared pants ever since I saw these on Kendall. When I spotted these Forever 21 Missoni look-a-likes online, I immediately added them to my shopping cart. No questions asked. And yes, sadly this is also why I’m slowly going broke day by day… Where’s my sugar daddy when I need him?!

My mom and I were in SF on our way to get some AMAZING breakfast sandwiches and cinnamon rolls from the bomb, Devil’s Teeth Baking Company. And I’m so glad we did because 1. we got amazing breakfast sandwiches and cinnamon rolls, and 2. we found this little elementary school perfect to shoot this hippie-esque outfit! Talk about throwback; a 70s look in a place where I spent the 90s. Chillin’ with my Capri Sun and Lunchables (the pizza combo was the best!! Which was you’re favorite?).

Isn’t the painted mural so cute?? I was in love. As much in love with it as I was with those pizza Lunchables.

It’s hard to tell, but these gypsy flares are actually crocheted with a small open-weave, so they are lined with shorts. Which is necessary for booty coverage! I ended up pairing them with a clean-lined top and my mom’s Stella McCartney bag to add a more classic touch. But I also added in my new Bauble Bar tie choker and these pretty rose gold aviators to keep that throwback edge. And yup, the shades are from Sunglass Spot—the uuge (meaning the short version of usual, and let’s just say that’s how you spell it, haha). Speaking of throwbacks, my big flower ring is from when I was in high school! A little flower power from the past.

Are you into the flared hippie pants trend?

The Goods:

Flared Pants – Forever 21, similar here (VERY similar, but in a different color!), here, and here
Open-back Top – an old gift, similar here
Tie Choker – Bauble Bar
Chain Handbag – Stella McCartney, similar here, and here
Sandals – Target, similar here, here, and here
Flower Ring – Francesca’s, similar here


p.s. The top has an open-back, so I wore this bra-like contraption for the first time since my hs prom! OMG another blast from the dang past!

That 70s Flare | ThePrettyRelaxed.com
The Amazing-ness I was talking about, now I’m drooling:

The 70s Flare | ThePrettyRelaxed.comThe 70s Flare | ThePrettyRelaxed.com

My Everyday Makeup Routine


My Everyday Makeup Routine | ThePrettyRelaxed.com
Besides posting this, about wanting to dye my hair, this is my first official beauty post on my blog!

So before I get into the tutorial, here’s a little bit of my makeup history:

The very first makeup product I’ve ever used was lip gloss. It was during every middle schooler’s whole “my lip gloss be poppin’ my lip gloss be cool” phase. And you know my 14 year-old self took notes from Lil Mama. WHATCHA KNOW ‘BOUT ME? WHATCHA WHATCHA KNOW ‘BOUT ME? But while the actual transition from Lip Smackers (the real OG) to lip gloss is all a blur now, all I know is that I actually hated lip gloss lol. And I still do, well at least the thick sticky gloppy kind. The first time I wore it, my brother looked at me and asked me why I had water all over my lips. I tried to convince myself that that wasn’t what it looked like, but he—more often than not—speaks the truth. He basically said it looked like I just licked my lips. Not a cute look, so I tossed my glosses.

Next, I was introduced to blush. I would buy those little Covergirl compacts that came with a Barbie sized brush. Those were my jam until I found out I have super sensitive acne prone skin. Eventually, my mom let me try her fancy yet gentle Bare Escentuals powder blushes and I fell in love. And yes, this was way back in the day when Bare Escentuals actually labeled their products as Bare Escentuals rather than bareMinerals. I’m still confused about their name. Their site is BareEscentuals.com, but their products are all labeled bareMinerals… I literally googled everything, but now I’m more confused. Somebody help.

Whatever they are called—I still interchange their names to this day—I’m a diehard fan!

In addition to these blushes, I wore a little mascara in high school. Plus, as a result of religiously reading Seventeen magazine during those years, I experimented with blue eyeliners, the smokey eye trend, and metallic eye shadows. But I finally started wearing a full face of makeup once I got to college. I always imagined myself to be one of those girls who NEVER wore any makeup. I don’t want to wake up next to my future bf and scare the bageebies out of him because I took all of my makeup off and revealed a naked mole rat face. But then I realized that that’s so dumb. If I looked that different to him, HE’S got a problem, not me. Like c’mon, it’s SUPER rare for that to actually be a thing. Unless you are literally wearing a mask, you are gonna look pretty much the same with or without makeup (at least I hope I do, ha!). You’ll just have an enhanced glow!

My Everyday Makeup Routine | ThePrettyRelaxed.com
So yes, I wear makeup almost every day when I go out, but I’m still content with my unmade-up face, aka my birthday face suit, if you will. LOL. I prefer powder foundations over liquid because personally, I’m just used to it and liquid seems a little too heavy for everyday wear. But I can definitely be proven wrong! I’ve actually started to use this BB cream when I’m really on the go and want light coverage. Honestly, it probably doesn’t make much of a difference compared to my bare face, but I do it for me and that’s all that matters! Makeup makes me feel happy and confident because it’s fun, pretty to play with, and enhances my features I already love!

Just FYI, my makeup collection consists of drugstore finds and higher end, all-of-my-money-disappeared-at-Sephora products. I like to save on my basic go-to’s, but splurge on desirables now and then and invest in quality everyday staples that I know work well for me. Discovering cheap dupes is always a pleasant surprise though!

So without further or do, here is my step-by-step daily routine:

A list of these steps and exact products I use will be posted near the end of this tutorial!

My Everyday Makeup Routine | ThePrettyRelaxed.com
On freshly washed and moisturized skin, apply a thin layer of primer (about 2–3 pea-sized dollops). This one is my fave and it lasts me FOREVER. Primer helps makeup last longer throughout the day and transforms your face into a smooth canvas. Baby butt soft style. And don’t forget to apply lip balm on your lips to prepare for the very last step in this tutorial!

My Everyday Makeup Routine | ThePrettyRelaxed.com
This liquid highlighter lightly conceals the dark under eye area and helps brighten, leaving a healthy glow. If I could only use one product, it would be this one. I put it under my eyes, on my brow bone, and a small amount on my T-zone. Gently blend it in with your fingers.

My Everyday Makeup Routine | ThePrettyRelaxed.com
I like to do my lashes early on because mine tend to fall flat after they are coated in mascara. I want to give them ample time to dry before I curl them again. But feel free to do this step last.

My Everyday Makeup Routine | ThePrettyRelaxed.com
I use a concealer brush with my regular matte powder foundation (about a dime-sized amount) to target red spots and acne scars to help even out my skin tone. This way I don’t have to buy a separate powder or liquid concealer. Then with a large fluffy brush, apply a layer of the same foundation (about a dime to nickel-sized amount) all over your face, buffing in a circular motion. You can layer on the foundation if the coverage is too light.

My Everyday Makeup Routine | ThePrettyRelaxed.comMy Everyday Makeup Routine | ThePrettyRelaxed.comMy Everyday Makeup Routine | ThePrettyRelaxed.com
My favorite part! You can still get definition without crazy contouring like the Kardashians. Make a fishy face (suck in your cheeks) and swipe a bronzer along your cheekbones, temples, and slightly on your jawline. Make sure to hold the brush with the tip of the bristles pointing upward rather than downward (learned that trick here!). Next, smile and with a powder brush, apply a natural pink blush on the apples of your cheeks, swirling in a circular motion blending it slightly into the bronzer. Finally, with an angled brush, apply a shimmery highlighter (another product I would use by itself if I had to!) on the tops of your cheekbones. This is a step I never leave out. It helps blend the eye brightener with the blush and bronzer, leaving a seamless natural glow! Use about a dime-sized amount or less of each product—a lot goes along way!

My Everyday Makeup Routine | ThePrettyRelaxed.comMy Everyday Makeup Routine | ThePrettyRelaxed.com
I envy those that have full groomed brows. I really don’t have to fill mine in, but I started to a couple of years ago, and now I can’t stop! I apply just enough product to give the illusion that mine are neat and tidy. I use a light hand to feather in sparse spots. I like using this dual sided brow pencil because the spoolie helps blend out any harsh lines with my natural hairs. Also, those eyebrow hurs are crazy long and grow downward. If not maintained, you’ll for sure come up to me and trim them yourself because it’s just not pretty to look at! To keep them in their place, I like to use this pomade for extra control and hold. Just brush it on with the applicator and use your fingers to spread it in an upward pinching motion, in the shape you want your brows to go in. 

My Everyday Makeup Routine | ThePrettyRelaxed.com
Almost done! I apply a translucent powder (I used to use this one too) below my bottom lash line to reduce the chances of my mascara spreading. My skin gets pretty oily and this helps because my top lashes are constantly touching my bottom lash line throughout the day, and my mascara tends to run and create raccoon eyes. But be sure to use a SEPARATE small concealer brush from the one you used in step four (or just use a small eyeshadow brush instead) so you aren’t spreading bacteria close to your precious eyeballs!! Then, with a medium fluffy brush, apply a light layer of the same translucent powder (about a dime-sized amount) all over your face—especially along your T-zone—to set your hard work and soak up any excess oil.

My Everyday Makeup Routine | ThePrettyRelaxed.com
Finally, curl your lashes one more time to get more lift and that wide awake look. LAST, BUT NOT LEAST: swipe on your fave lip color over your pre-moisturized lips. I’m loving this colored balm because it’s moisturizing, leaves a slight stain, and adds just the right amount of pop for an everyday look.


My Everyday Makeup Routine | ThePrettyRelaxed.comMy Everyday Makeup Routine | ThePrettyRelaxed.com
Having it all laid out like this, may seem like I take dayzzz to put my makeup on, but I’ve been doing it for so long that it takes me about 10-15mins each morning. And I just realized that that may still seem like a long time to some people.. haha. But I think it actually takes me longer to pick out my outfit of the day!

My Everyday Makeup Routine | ThePrettyRelaxed.comMy Everyday Makeup Routine | ThePrettyRelaxed.com
STEP 1: Prime. Smashbox Photo Finish Oil-free Foundation Primer

STEP 2: Brighten. bareMinerals Stroke of Light Eye Brightener in “Luminous 2”

STEP 3: Curl & apply mascara. L’Oreal Voluminous Miss Manga mascara | Shiseido eyelash curler

STEP 4: Conceal & buff. bareMinerals Matte SPF 15 foundation in “Medium Beige” | bareMinerals Maximum Coverage Concealer Brush | bareMinerals Full Flawless Face Brush

STEP 5: Contour, apply blush, & highlight. bareMinerals All-Over Face Color in “Warmth” & bareMinerals Tapered Face Brush | bareMinerals Blush in “Laughter” & Sephora Collection Powder Brush #31 | bareMinerals Pure Radiance & Sephora Collection Angled Brush #50

STEP 6: Fleek-ify the brows. L’Oreal Brow Stylist Definer in “Dark Brunette” | Surratt Expressioniste Brow Pomade

STEP 7: Mattify & set. Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder | bareMinerals Flawless Application Face Brush | bareMinerals Maximum Coverage Concealer Brush (I recommend this second one for sanitary reasons—you’ll be putting this close to your eyes!)

STEP 8: Finishing touches (lip color). Tarte LipSurgence lip tint in “Lovely” (I used the color “Legend” in this post, but it seems to be out of stock!)

Ok. I know, I know. There are A LOT of products here, but everything is definitely worth the investment!!! The brushes and eyelash curler almost last forever, and the rest of the products last me months. But more importantly, I always feel confident when this makeup look comes together. It’s a mood booster for sure!

My Everyday Makeup Routine | ThePrettyRelaxed.com
Do you wear makeup everyday? How long does it all take? What type of products do you prefer—drugstore or high-end?

This is pretty close to one of those “no-makeup” makeup tutorials, but if I want to sport that bare faced look, I’ll probably just wear no makeup.. what a revelation! Haha!

I do struggle with “night out” looks though. If I’m going out somewhere fancy schmancy, I’ll usually just put on eyeliner in addition to my everyday makeup base, but let me know if you would like to see more tutorials like this one, and I will definitely come up with some different looks to share with y’all!