There’s a First for Everything

October 13, 2015
The Pretty Relaxed | There's a First for Everything

The Pretty Relaxed | There's a First for EverythingWhich includes my very first blog post! Here’s the deets on who the heck I am and a glimpse of what’s to come:

Nice to meet you!

I’m Madison, a 5′3″ Chinese American college graduate and right now, in desperate need of a winning lottery ticket. Oh, and an extra large Orange Dream Machine from good ol’ Jamba, but I assume we aren’t all on the same page on that one… On a totally related note, with an initial passion for the fashion industry, I ended up studying graphic design, which exposed me to a world of awesomeness. And now I can’t stay away from all the unique and inspiring style and design that life has to offer.

The Pretty Relaxed | There's a First for EverythingHow did you choose the name The Pretty Relaxed?

I took weeks convincing myself which names worked because a lot of them were bad and just super lame (um, I almost used “Cool as a Cucumber”…). I enjoy celebrating pretty things and people often say I live a relaxed life so I chose what felt right—after consulting with my mom and friends of course. As a plus, it has a double meaning: I’m allowed to be stressed sometimes too. I’m pretty relaxed, not always relaxed. 😉

But enough about me, let’s get into the more important stuff.

What am I going to see on this blog?

A plethora of inspirational ideas, tutorials, and stories to encourage you to live a more happy, beautiful, and easy-going life! I’ll share anything from my own outfit of the day, to hipster-esque diy projects, to a list of the best non-regiftable gifts, to easy recipes for my fellow lazies out there because sharing is caring, right?

This is a space that hopefully sparks the creativity within you and inspires you to do the things that you love. I’m still learning to build my self-confidence and discovering what makes me happy, so what better way to do that than with total strangers (a.k.a potential bffs) who are trying to figure out the same things?

Ok, that’s it for now. Let me know what you would like to see in the future and I’ll try to make it happen!

Talk to you soon,

p.s. I’m new to twitter and I’m also on insta, facebook, and pinterest. With that being said, do what you will…
p.p.s. The photo of me was taken by the talented Anya McInroy. Go check her other awesome stuff out!


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  • Yarn

    Love you!!! This is the perfect name. This is perfect. I’m so excited.