DIY Simple Jeweled Leather Wallet

November 8, 2015
DIY Jeweled Wallet |

DIY Jeweled Wallet |
It’s that time of year again! The time when we get caught up in the spirit of winter holidays and gift giving even when Halloween just happened one week ago… But getting into the spirit early is pretty much inevitable. Christmas commercials are airing, Jingle Bells is blasting on the radio, and I know you are starting to hint to your friends and family things that you wouldn’t mind seeing under the tree. As much as I love getting presents, my favorite part of the holidays is giving others presents. So to start the ball rolling on some affordable ideas, here’s a super simple DIY you can make for any lady in your life. It’s so easy, you can whip out a dozen of these and be good to go before December arrives!

Or you can just make one for yourself (like I did), because hey, we all need a little pretty in our lives, right? It’s so fun too—it’s like a grown-up take on bedazzling!

DIY Jeweled Wallet |
What you’ll need:

faux leather wallet
• jeweled headband or necklace
E6000 glue (this stuff is basically industrial-strength flexible super glue so it will keep your stuff secure and in place!)
• wire cutters


Let’s do this:

DIY Jeweled Wallet |
1. With your wire cutters, cut off the gemstone sections you want to use on your wallet. Basic wire cutters can cut through most store-bought metal accessories, but I would recommend double checking the headband or necklace before purchasing it for this project.


DIY Jeweled Wallet |
2. You can use as many gemstones as you want, but I decided to stick with an even number for symmetry. Be sure to layout your design on your wallet before the permanent gluing happens!


DIY Jeweled Wallet |
3. To get more control with the glue, squeeze some out on a flat surface and use a toothpick to spread a thin layer evenly along the back of a gemstone. Be careful not to put too much on—nobody’s got time to clean up goop squishing out everywhere!


DIY Jeweled Wallet |
4. Place the gemstone down and press firmly for a minute or so to help the glue set a bit. Continue gluing the rest of the gemstones on your wallet, making sure to press firmly each time.


DIY Jeweled Wallet |
5. Let it dry overnight and this baby is ready to go! SO easy, right??


DIY Jeweled Wallet |
And I was surprised how convincingly expensive and cool this turned out, considering I got the wallet from the Forever 21 sale section for only $4!! Be sure to scrounge through there!

Be sure to check out this gift DIY too!

Bejewel away,


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