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May 2016

  • Trendy $5 Sunglasses from Sunglass Spot! |

    Trendy & Affordable ($5!) Sunglasses

    GUYS. GUYS. GUYS. Drop everything. I just found out about this super amazing website that sells on trend sunnies for only $5!!! It’s called Sunglass Spot! Maybe you’ve heard of it, but I haven’t seen a…

    May 31, 2016

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  • Farmer's Market Overalls |

    OOTD / Farmer’s Market Overalls

    I recently took a gamble and ordered a pair of denim overalls online from H&M. Maybe it really wasn’t a gamble since they offer free returns and the store is a measly 10 min…

    May 26, 2016

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  • Take 5 / My Guilty Pleasures |

    Take 5 / My Guilty Pleasures

    The Bachelorette premiered last night and it was all I ever hoped for. Hot guys, hilarious drunk dudes, and all the awk pickup lines in between. I just started watching The Bachelor for the first time…

    May 24, 2016

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  • Retro Crystal Clear Cat Eye Glasses (SEE Eyewear) |

    I Can SEE Clearly Now

    I know, I know. It’s been awhile since I last posted due to my impromptu blog redesign sesh, but I’M BACK BABY. And speaking of babies, a couple of weeks ago, I got to pick up these…

    May 19, 2016

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