Take 5 / My Guilty Pleasures

May 24, 2016
Take 5 / My Guilty Pleasures | ThePrettyRelaxed.com

Take 5 / My Guilty Pleasures | ThePrettyRelaxed.comTake 5 / My Guilty Pleasures | ThePrettyRelaxed.com
The Bachelorette premiered last night and it was all I ever hoped for. Hot guys, hilarious drunk dudes, and all the awk pickup lines in between. I just started watching The Bachelor for the first time this year (from day one, it was so obvs that Ben and Lauren B. were gonna end up together) and now I’m obsessed!! JoJo was my favorite from that season and I was PUMPED when she was announced the next lucky lady. She’s so perfect. Like, I want to be her friend and be her at the same time, if that’s even possible.

If you don’t watch this show, you can skip this next part and go onto #2!

My friends and I are starting one of those Bachelorette Drafts where we pick who we think is going to end up with JoJo. I watched the premiere with my bestie Emilee, and we both agreed that we need to see at least one more episode to really scope these guys out before we finalize our lists! But here are my top picks from what I’ve seen so far:

  1. Jordan Rodgers. BAE. Um, they totally made out already, he’s super hot, and he’s Aaron Rodgers brother!! Come on, pick him, girl!
  2. James Taylor. He just seems like a goofy goob and a down to earth guy. Looks like JoJo feels the most laid-back with him too.
  3. Chase The Mustache Man. I don’t know his last name, and he only talked like 10 secs during the premiere, but he sure is cute!! Probably the cutest, tied with Jordan. I picked him when I saw the contestant list online, before I saw the premiere. So if he wins, that’ll be awesome!! I’ll feel like a real life Raven Baxter.
  4. Derek. Again, don’t know his last name, but he seems like such a shy sweetheart!
  5. Wells. Emilee and I are calling this adorable guy Wells Fargo. Confident and smooth AF, with that whole acapella group intro. He could either be a total cutie, or become weird and annoying. We’ll just have to see!
  6. Christian. Just a cool dude. Who also happens to get up at 3am everyday to do Crossfit. We’re calling him Mr. 3am.

These are the one’s that I like the most, but JoJo was definitely into some dudes I wasn’t feeling (shortie Marine manCrimson Chin firefighterBirdman wine guy, and super serious barn-going war veteran who seems to have a contoured nose…lol). So, if I want to win the fantasy draft, I might have to change up my bracket—not just pick the ones who I want to date… ha! And oh man, Chad (who we repeatedly confused with ever other basic scruffy white guy) is straight up scary. He gives off Olivia (Ms. ostrich mouth) vibes with extra anger management issues. Yikes.

Basically, I can’t wait for the rest of the season. A WHOLE LOT OF FUN AHEAD!

I’ll try and keep you guys updated with everything that goes down, regarding my picks. AKA, I’ll revise this post when the show is over in a couple of months (crazy, how JoJo could potentially be engaged right now and it all happened ASAP-style!!).


Ok, so now onto the rest of my guilty pleasures:

Take 5 / My Guilty Pleasures | ThePrettyRelaxed.com
Their show, the gossip, the selfies, their style, Kendall’s glamorous career and tomboyish personality, KYLIE’S SNAPS (^did you guys see the tour bus prank???) and lip kit line, Khloe’s hair, Kim’s babies, and Kanye’s hobo-sandman-esque clothing line, you name it.

Take 5 / My Guilty Pleasures | ThePrettyRelaxed.com
Who doesn’t like fried foods? Haters, that’s who. If it’s crispy, golden, and perfect, I’M THERE.

Take 5 / My Guilty Pleasures | ThePrettyRelaxed.com
I don’t admit it as much as I would like to, but pretending to be a famous musician is SO fun! I don’t hold a hairbrush as a mic though. I usually imagine that I’m performing with a mic stand. Or even with my own headset, just like the members of Nsync. Hands-free all the way, baby! If you add a little bit of embarrassing choreography, it turns into an awk but super satisfying workout! That’s what I do—when nobody is home, of course—as I explain in this post!

Take 5 / My Guilty Pleasures | ThePrettyRelaxed.com
It was my 23rd birthday this past Saturday and my mom made me my fave funfetti cupcakes. But the best part was salvaging all the leftover batter! Raw eggs and all. As soon as I heard those cupcakes go in the oven I knew it was my time to step in and take charge of the mixer. COME TO MAMA. My mom even left extra batter at the bottom of the bowl for me to devour. She’s the best.

Ok, now it’s your turn. What are some of your guilty pleasures??


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