This Over That

June 9, 2016
This Over That |

This Over That |

Bagels over Donuts

Caramel over Chocolate

Justin Bieber over One Direction

NBA over MLB

Cupcakes over Muffins

Starbucks over Peet’s*

Fruit-by-the-Foot over Fruit Roll-Ups

Joe over Nick Jonas

Froyo over Ice Cream*

Nsync over BSB

Boyz N Motion over Nsync

Spotify over iTunes

Tacos over Burritos*

McDonalds over Burger King

Shower over Bath

Night Shower over Morning Shower

Nike over Adidas

Fall over Summer*

Dresses over Jeans

Dog over Cat

Amy Poehler over Tina Fey

Chris Evans over Chris Hemsworth*

SUV over Sedan

Sangria over Mimosa

Instagram over Twitter

90210 over Gossip Girl*

Window Seat over Aisle Seat

Miley over Taylor

Mint Gum over Fruity Gum

Disneyland over Universal Studios

Booties over Flats

Jennifer Lawrence over Amy Schumer

Sleeveless over Sleeves

Lipstick over Eye Shadow

Nutella over Peanut Butter

Comedy over Drama

Waffles over Pancakes*

Buttered Popcorn over Kettle Corn

Superman over Batman*

Icee over Slurpee

Sausage over Bacon

Night Out over Night In*

Printed Books over E-Readers

Amazon over Ebay

Kylie over Kendall*

Dentist over Doctor

Stripes over Polka Dots

Cake over Pie

Powder Foundation over Liquid Foundation

Fries over Guys*


*Marks a SUPER hard decision


All my thanks to Sarah and her blog Venus Trapped in Mars—and these hilarious BuzzFeed “Debatable” videos—for this fun post idea!!

So. Are you totally the opposite of me? Or do you prefer most of the same things I do? Comment below or tweet me your picks!

What other pairs or duos can we both debate about??


Images via: bagel / donut

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  • WE ARE THE EXACT SAME ON MOST OF THESE!!! Cake, Bagels, Night Out, Waffles, Stripes!! SAME!!!!! Only one you totally lost me on was Jennifer Lawrence over Amy Schumer!!! NOOOOO!! Love me some Amy! 😛

    • OMG totally missed this!! Haha but I know I know, I love Amy too, but I’ve been team JLaw from the beginning before Amy came into the picture. Gotta stay with my OG on this one!! Loll