Outside Lands 2016: My First YouTube Video!

August 31, 2016

Hey all!

It’s been quite awhile (again), but I’m back with a YOUTUBE VIDEO!! It’s nothing fancy, but it’s a compilation of my Sunday spent at this year’s Outside Lands music festival in San Fran! It’s more of a vlog than an official “YouTube video,” so I’m not expecting it to go viral or anything… I’m working with what my momma (iMac) gave me!! aka just iMovie. So I present to you the simplest of simple, vlog-style video!

Outside Lands 2016: My First YouTube video! | ThePrettyRelaxed.com
I had a blast at the festival, eating donut burgers and dancing my butt off with Major Lazor. You know, GETTIN’ TURNT. I got to witness the perfection that is Lana Del Rey, but had to go pee right as she began belting “Summertime Sadness.” I couldn’t hold it in, so I sprinted across the field to the porta-potties, but luckily as I made it to said porta-potties, Lionel Richie did me a solid as I heard a melodic “Hello? Is it me you’re looking for?” YAS. I didn’t miss the 2nd headliner of the night (and the one out of two songs I know by Lionel). I also got to play a game of Jenga with giant blocks, buy an overpriced (but worth it!) Outside Lands beanie, and do some good people watching with some good friends.

Would I go to the festival again? Maybe. Even if I had a great time this year, I just wished there were more artists playing that I liked, to justify the price of a ticket. But I would go back just to try more food!! (The ramen burgers and porcini doughnuts are still on my list!)

What festival should I check out next? My friends and I were thinking about BottleRock for sure!


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